vineri, 19 ianuarie 2018

Duma Slates Moldova's Ban on Russian TV Shows

Câteva considerente despre Rusia și reacțiile de la Moscova privind „legea anti-propagandă”, adoptată recent la Chișinău. Toate publicate pentru #BalkanInsight

Russia's parliament has accused Moldova of anti-Russian discrimination, over the new 'anti-propaganda' law that effectively bans Russian broadcasts in the country

Russia's State Duma on Thursday presented a draft declaration, accusing Moldova of "discrimination" against Russia media after Moldova's interim president Andrian Candu approved the government-backed "anti-propaganda" law designed to curb the Russian media presence in the former Soviet republic.
Russian deputies called the gesture a "new anti-Russian step" by Moldova's pro-Western government.
The law on the Amendment and Completion of the Audiovisual Code was promulgated on 10 January 2018 by acting President Candu.
The law forbids bans most television and radio programs not produced in the European Union, the US, or Canada, or by the states that have not ratified the European Convention on Transborder Television. Effectively, it hits Russian broadcasts.
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