marți, 23 ianuarie 2018

Moldova to Host Global Christian Right-Wing Congress

Moldova will host a gathering of conservative and anti-gay Christian groups called the World Congress of Families in September under the auspices of pro-Russian President Igor Dodon.

President Igor Dodon announced on Monday evening that Moldova will host in September the annual meeting of the World Congress of Families, a US-based umbrella organisation of international groups supporting conservative social values.
"We are bringing together people around the world to discuss the beauty of the family," Dodon said.
The World Congress of Families’ stances include defending traditional marriage, opposing abortion, and condemning anti-discrimination measures intended to protect people of all sexual orientations.
Speakers at the Congress usually blame the West for moral degradation and destroying the meaning of the traditional family.
The main sponsors of World Congress of Families are Konstantin Malofeyev and Vladimir Yakunin, two conservative Russian oligarchs with close ties to the Kremlin who finance Russia-friendly and Christian Orthodox initiatives in former Soviet countries and in the West.
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