duminică, 26 iulie 2009

Elena din Bruxelles pentru detractorii sai: "Am concurat ca independent, nu pentru partidul tatalui meu!"

Elena Basescu a formulat o epistola catre site-ul theparliament.com in care le raspunde detractorilor sai cum ca nu este "fata lu' tata" si ca isi poate duce la buna indeplinire activitatile ce ii revin din aceasta noua pozitie care o ocupa in Legislativul de la Bruxelles.

So, din Elena citire:

She told this website an email had circulated in parliament rubbishing her name because she is the daughter of Romanian president Traian Basescu.

"It said 'the Baby Doll' had arrived in parliament and was quite derogatory," she said."It made reference to my father and the suggestion was that I had been elected solely because of who he is."However, I wish to point out that I stood in the European elections as an independent and not for my father's political party.

"Basescu, dubbed the "Paris Hilton of the Carpathians", went on, "My family connections are not the only weapon some people seem to want to use against me but also the fact that I am a former model.

"The inference is that I am in some way intellectually inferior to other MEPs and have no right to be here," said Basescu, who received 4.2 per cent of votes cast in June's European elections.

"To those people I would say that I have actually been involved in politics for many years. I am also an economist and modelling is now no more than a hobby.

"Of course, it is advantageous to have a father who is the president of a country but you clearly need other qualities as well. I have got where I am today through my own efforts alone. Nor has he funded my efforts in any way.

"I do not know who sent the email but I found it upsetting and offensive to discover it was circulating just days after I arrived here."The people doing this do not even know me."


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