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Stenogramele conferintei de la presa de la Moscova dintre Diaconescu si Lavrov

Au aparut pe site-ul MAE rus stenogramele conferintei de presa de la Moscova dintre sefii diplomatiilor romane si ruse, Cristian Diaconescu si Serghei Lavrov. Am pus aici o traduce aproximativa de pe google translate.

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Transcript of Remarks and Replies to Media Questions by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at a joint press conference after talks with Romanian Foreign Minister K. Dyakonesku, Moscow, February 27, 2009


Today we have with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania K. Dyakonesku had a thorough exchange of views on bilateral cooperation and on international affairs. We agree with the need to develop a political dialogue, to give a sustained manner, increase its productivity. We agree with the need to improve the legal framework of our relations. At this point already has a number of projects that are being discussed by our representatives.
Particularly interested in developing trade and economic cooperation, which will undoubtedly be an engine for development of the whole complex of relations. In this connection, look at the early tenth meeting of intergovernmental commission on economic and scientific-technical cooperation.
Clearly, further impetus to the deepening of cooperation may be cultural, humanitarian, educational links, the more that the interest of our peoples.
We paid attention and international issues, especially the need to strengthen security in Europe. In this context, discussed the proposal, which in June last year Russia put forward the President DA Medvedev on the development of a new treaty on European security. Romanian colleagues are grateful for the willingness to further discuss this topic, which, of course, continue.
Raised and issues related to relations between Russia and the European Union, the need for the resumption of the activities of the NATO-Russia Council, with interaction in the framework of OSCE, Council of Europe, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation. Also discussed issues of strengthening security in the Black Sea region.
In general, my assessment was a useful exchange of views, reflected the desire of both sides to the further development of Russian-Romanian relations, the decision on the agenda of these relations issues through dialogue and mutual accommodation.
Question: Recently you were in Kisheneve where Mr. Voronin said that soon a meeting with him, I. Smirnov and D. Medvedev. Whether the conversion of the format of talks on a settlement in Transnistria of 5 +2 to 2 +1?
Lavrov: I spoke in detail about this at a press conference in Kisheneve. Any conflict, including Transnistria, could be resolved only through direct agreements between the parties. Different format, with the participation of «external players» should be used primarily to encourage the parties to direct talks and contribute to their arrangements.
As a party - party format 5 +2 Russia is using its ability to facilitate the preparation of the productive base, which will enable the parties to meet directly, and in the format of 5 +2 to resume the negotiation process. There is no size 2 +1, no one creates. When, say, a special EU representative for Moldova Mr Mizsei K. travels in Chisinau and Tiraspol, one does not suspect the EU's quest broken the 5 +2 format.
Our efforts are designed to prepare a good ground for the resumption of the 5 +2 format. I hope that all other members of this type in their dealings with the parties will also contribute to this without any geo-political ideas that are irrelevant to the task of early settlement of the Transnistrian conflict.
Question: Discussed whether the direct supply of gas «Gazprom» in Romania as it is proposed to Vladimir Putin? What conclusion do you come from? The discussion whether the possibility of accession of Romania to the project «Southern stream»?
Sergey Lavrov (meets after K. Dyakonesku): For my part I can say that our cooperation in the gas sector, there is no obstacle. As is rightly said Minister K. Dyakonesku, it is important to send pulses at a political level, and most importantly, that they were consistent. Everything else - the issues of the agreements between the economic operators, commercial aspects, and here the role of politicians is minimal.
With regard to contacts at the highest level, last year they occurred. This year, President and Chairman of the Government of Russia talked with President Basescu of Romania TV on the phone. We believe that such contacts will continue.
Question: Is there a definitive agreement on the meeting of the Middle East «Quartet» of March? Was the supply of humanitarian aid from Russia to Palestine?
Foreign Minister Lavrov: Indeed, the March 2 conference held in Egypt in support of the Palestinian economy to the reconstruction of Gaza. Russia, like other members of the event, announced his contribution during the event.
On the issue of the meeting «Quartet» of Egypt, the conference will be all members of the «Quartet». I hope that we will hold a meeting. At the very least, Russia was in favor of it.
The question: whether any new impetus to cooperation in Afghanistan after the upcoming meeting with U.S. Secretary of State J. Clinton?
Foreign Minister Lavrov: At the meeting with J. Clinton March 6, expect to discuss all major issues of Russian-American relations, especially in the context of the meeting of the presidents of D. Medvedev and Boris Obama, to be held «in the fields» Summit «twenty» April 2 in London.
Of course, issues of strategic offensive arms will be a priority. We look forward to complete the disarmament team, U.S. Department of State.

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